Sunday, September 18, 2011

Superstition and some photos.

I was pondering today as I worked my four horses (Two in the wind/ two in the rain good times) the percentages of competing. I know that riding has to be a mental game for the majority so I came up with 80% mental, 19% training/practice/horse power/ horse care etc etc yada yada the million things that go into running a sport horse, and finally 1% luck. Now when I was at uni I learned to gain every percentage you can and I do have a few odd habits that I maintain out of superstition. The first is a little pin of a black horse with a white star that my Mum brought me at my first NZEF show a decade ago. That pin has been on the lapel of my show jacket ever since then. I recently got changed to the Pikeur that I got half price at horse of the year. I'm still not sold on the Pikeur jacket but I love having a zip instead of buttons. No more jacket gaping over my boobs and the constant popping of my top button off.

The other thing I'm fussy about is I don't like to feed the horses at shows out of buckets the same colours of the lesser placings. For example red and purple is good, blue yellow and green not so much. Obviously this is a completely ridiculous hang up but there you are. Black works quite well but at some shows black is fifth so figure that. At the moment all my buckets are yellow because the cows get these mineral licks that come in these perfectly sized and well constructed tubs so I use those. I have mental compromise by calling them gold. Actually that's all my superstitions which isn't that bad at all is it really? Not too insane.

Another point which is not a superstition but just a point to note. I do try to have good turn out at shows but I'm like Pigpen I'm a real dirt magnet. It's not entirely my fault. Though sometimes I'm lazy about brushing tails because Connies tail is so thick and ringletted. Bleh!

Finally to the photos. These are the two I have purchased and they are the second fence in the amateur class. I'm a little sad because while they are lovely photos I don't think Kates one does her justice. Maybe though it's because I see them with their personalities. Connies photo fair vibrates with flash and diva-attitude, while Kates is like Kate. Workmanlike and plain but good all the same- saving it for the big jumps.


  1. Great idea for a post! I think that superstitions are very common with horse riders as sometimes we just have very unlucky days! I like your feed bucket superstition too!

  2. Superstitions are totally a legitimate way off helping yourself mentally! :-P Your bucket thing is hilarious, btw.

    It would be really interesting to see what different people peg the percentages at - I bet it's strongly related to their personal experiences/challenges.

  3. They are beautiful!! You have a solid position :) And the horses look gorgeous!

    So wait, blue is not first there?

  4. I love those photos! I've never been superstitious... I just figure that whatever happens happens :) Hope this season goes spectacular for you