Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Huge Changes Ahoy

Such a small version of myself. Over 2 decades ago.

Anyway, huge changes are coming. And in the next couple of weeks. So I'm pretty frantic with cleaning and throwing things away and organising my future. My family has lived here for the last 11 yrs and my parents are selling the herd of dairy cows and on the 1st if June will be starting a brand new future. Which is good because it's a hard lifestyle and now they will get a break and an easier life. I'm leaving in a fortnight though.

I'm moving about 5 and a half hours of driving away to the Bay of Plenty and I have a job at a farm supply store and my partner is hunting us a flat. 2 Weeks to shift my whole life haha, what a nightmare. Still, I am very very excited to do something new and to be with my partner. Connie and Bill are coming with me definitely. I don't know what I'm going to do with Kate yet. Its such a conundrum really. I wish she wasn't so reactive and she would make a nice pottering around horse, but she just isn't that horse, she is an intense wee lady.

Huge changes ahead, just massive!


  1. Have you thought about letting Kate go on trial with maybe an event rider or a fox hunter? She might enjoy the mix up in routine and less tense atmosphere. It's not like she's lacking in talent. Good luck with the new changes!

  2. Niamh She isn't sound enough to foxhunt or event. If she isn't sound enough to showjump happily, then she wont cope with other high impact sports. She was an excellent field hunter BTW

  3. Sounds like a big life style change. Good luck!!