Friday, February 17, 2012

Masterton A+P 2012

Wicked cool show. Jumped my first 1.25m class with Connie (4'1" for you metric shunners) Man I was SCARED. They had a little version of a water jump (It wasn't 3m wide, only like 2 but a legit water jump) and Connie had never jumped a water jump but she really didn't mind it at all. It was a reasonably hard track, and fully to size. She just had a rail at fence two when I pushed to hard to the second fence and she just rubbed it out. There is a video I'm praying makes it to youtube so I can share it with you guys.

Today she jumped in the amateur series class and was second with a double clear. I thought our jump-off was fast but it sure wasn't compared to the winner haha. She just isn't a super fast horse bless her but she jumped super and was so confident through the treble after jumping those huge combinations the day before so I was very happy with her. Didn't give her the greatest ride into the double in the jump off so will school doubles soon just to keep her confident. Shit she is a good horse though. The ground was hard enough so I withdrew from her classes tomorrow and she can rest instead and I'll save her legs.

So the Kicker is that how things stand now if I do really well at series finals I could make the top 6 for the series which would be amazing. It's not likely, the competition is so fierce at finals but I'll give it a good shove anyway. To come this far this season has been amazing anyway. To jump a 1.25m track with such confidence and finesse (on her part anyway) and to have amassed 28 amateur points this season compared to the 4 (might have been six) I made last season is just amazing hey.