Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Home sort of

So yesterdy Bill, Kate, and I moved up to the Bay of Plenty. Truckie being slow it took 7 and a half hours with only a 10 minute stop so they came down the ramp with a bit of wobbling but apart from being hungry they travelled really well.

As for me I'm feeling pretty lost. Bit of culture shock this morning with this small town girl got well lost and stressed in city traffic. I miss my home and as I currently don't actually have a home and will be drifting between my Aunties house and my Bfs flat I feel like I have no grounding. Still it's been one night and a day. I went into work so thats basically all sorted and I start tomorrow.

Also odd, is knowing I will be competing at Series Finals and I have basically no idea how my horse is and I'm not there to manage her show preperation. I know she is fine because I have heard nothing but normally I have absolute control all over everything relating to the horses and now I don't. Uhh my mind is not in the best place, it will all be fine in time.


  1. Hang in there ....if you check out my blog I passed on an award .....think you deserve it!

  2. Just a line to say good luck, changes are difficult, hope you settle soon!