Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I which I hunt with Eastern Bay of Plenty

Last Saturday, I joined my uncle and cousin in a truck known as the mothership to have my first hunt with Eastern Bay of Plenty. I was a touch nervous being as I was on a strange horse and hunting with a pack of strangers. As such, I was much relieved to find people very friendly and much less up themselves than wairarapa. I had the luxury of meeting many of those who hunt at my work because we sell horse food.

My mount for the hunt was a big grey clydie cross called Blue, owned by my cousins/Aunty. He is a really experienced hunter which is nice, and he jumps well but is quite strong in the field. He knows that red coat and he follows it regardless of what I wanted to do. I don't mind a strong or keen horse, but I didn't really like that I couldn't rebalance him coming down hills or anything. I do like to feel I have more influence than that! Still I feel like a few bit changes will give me more whoa. When I fought him in the pelham he would strike at the bit which was odd behaviour. That being said its what he is used to, he has hunted at the front the last few seasons and its what he knows while i like control. He is awesome though and can jump good. he is for sale and if he sells I might drag Kate off the hill and hunt her because she is the bomb hunting. Some people like to gallop heaps hunting, and I like to chill and have a canter, and have a good drink and spin some yarns, but Blue wont allow that he wont miss the action. Still had some mean jumps over hedges for the first time.

Bill spooked at a pukeko the other day and fell over on the concrete and has hurt her leg which is pretty lame, stupid horse stand on your damn feet, even when birds fly out of drains. She has a show the weekend after the next I'm hoping that goes well. It should. Right now I'm so fluey that just feeding the ponies leaves me a sweaty weak mess so after easter I'll have to crack on. Looking at my finances it may be the end of my riding career as I know it anyway. Shit box.

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