Saturday, April 7, 2012

Moving is hard

I am 26 years old and quite frankly I feel like a lot of my peers have gotten the jump on me. I don't have property, I don't have assets, I sure as shit don't have any savings, a lot of the stuff that people my age have sorted out a bit more. I do have an education on the plus side, a fancy honours degree I have yet to use, and really, while I wish I had the security of those things, it doesn't matter to me as long as I can ride, and compete and continue to improve.

I am really homesick, I miss the farm and the lifestyle I had here, the freedom my parents allowed me to ride and the financial support they gave me. I would have been nothing without there support, and while I have yet to attain my goals in the last 2 years I have really made some important progress, jumped some pretty big tracks and had plenty of success. Having moved, for the first time 'm in a situation where the sums don't work. I cannot afford my horses. It's ok going into winter with only Bill really in work, but come Spring I'm going to be desperately short of funds.

I have a little time to try and sort this out and find a way out of it you know, because I have come way to far to give up now. I getting close to making a bit of a name for myself you know. People are starting to recognise the old moniker, and certainly recognise my very special little horse who is currently a woolly bearpig living on the side of a hill. The delight when her and Kate found each other again was so cute. When I left they were grazing nose to nose.

There will be a solution I'm sure, I'll find a way to compete but lordy it's something of a stressful time.


  1. Ugh. Hang in there. You aren't really a horse person until you've had money problems, I'm pretty sure.

  2. moving isn't hard, growing up is....

  3. Hey, don't stress out too much. I'm in my 30s and I have a crap ass job that pays shit, am stuck living with the parentals, have no money, no assets, no partner and no hope of ever having any of those things! Oh, and did I mention all of the aforementioned is due to me getting advanced cancer in my late 20s - which killed the career I was on the verge of, destroyed my dreams of buying a primo horse to compete with and basically wiped out my future. So cheer up a bit, it really could be worse!!

  4. Ah no assets but you have the ponies! Seriously though, I'm sure everything will work out and I'm glad you're getting your name out there :D You are a great rider and deserve this success!

  5. I second Sprinkler. I'm only 21 and having a spaz attack about graduating.
    Floss has a point, i always think how much worse I could be. Being poor isn't always so bad. Makes you appreciate all of the fantastic things you have and gives (me at least ) a more positive outlook on life itself. Like, I notice when the sun us shining and flowers blooming and how wonderful it is that I get to experience that!
    It'll get better. (Not sure about this, but everyone keeps telling me so.)

  6. I feel a bit the same too - sure I'm married, but we rent, have no savings, I have had my horse for over a year an a half and I can barely get her to canter and have yet to take her to even one show.

    We have a double income, only one non-competing horse and the sums STILL don't add up. SprinklerBandit is right - welcome to the fully initiated club!