Sunday, April 8, 2012

What is good

It's a funny thing to say what is a good rider and what isn't good. Is the rider who lacks technical skill, but is brave, good; or is the technically skilled rider, who struggles with nerves, the good rider. I have noticed that so often just being confident will overcome a lack of skill, the horse will take care of you as long as you believe it will do what you want to, while those that focus on what can go wrong, tend to almost make it happen.

I know which rider I am, I'm the technical rider with the fear. Obviously, I still have a long way to go tenically but I am confident in my basics and my systems. As a rider that suffers from fear, being a technical rider gives me the focus to control my fear. I am so focused on the rhythym and the quality of the canter and the line, it leaves no room to think how big the fences are. And then once you have done it once, you can do it again. I have learned to shrug of the misses and the mistakes and let it go, to focus on the next fence, the next problem. I wish sometimes I was one of those braver riders, even though I tend to believe that eventually the size of the fences and the need for accuracy means that the brave rider is limited by his skills and his horses scope.

I want to be the best. I want to jump at the highest level I can in this country, it's a desire that truly burns inside me. It just seems such a long way away. I have plenty of time, luckily showjumping is a sport for many ages. I believe I have the talent, and maybe even the horse in time. Now I just need to put the work in and get some guts. And to not let what other people say get in the way of what I believe.


  1. You have a few of us out here in cyber space who support you totally. Having seen you jump I think you're doing a fantastic job with your horses and your dream goal is geting closer everyday. The money thing is totally a pain I know. You have time on your side kids to worry about. I was30 before I had 'some' assets nearly 40 and still dont have savings .....dont have the balls to jump my young cheap horses because I cant afford the up and going ones .....juggle stuff for the kids V stuff for the horses. Like has been said before .Having horses = broke most of the time. Hey have a great idea. I could pay you to get my horse jumping. Anyway hang in there

  2. Beautiful post. This reminds me of some advice my fencing coach in high school gave to me when I displayed my blinding speed technique. He said that the clean fencer will always beat the quick fencer in time, but the fencer who is clean and fast is nearly unstoppable. I had a long way to go with technique, but I understood what he was saying. You are already that clean fencer. In time, you will realize what you believe.

  3. People like you make me believe that eventually I can jump bigger things. I totally over analyze and make myself nervous, but you do it and jump huge fences. I just need to figure out the brave thing...