Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Masterton A&P Show

So I had a pretty easy show with only 4 horses and we only did the Friday and Sunday so we could got to the Rugby on Saturday. Though I do have pictures yay. I'm still just having the odd four faults and making that one silly error that stops me from jumping clear. It's very very frustrating for me the ever perfectionist. Still I'm only getting to know the horses and in one instance I made the right ride but the horse didn't come with me. Without further ado here are three of the team-

Erl Grey- Holsteiner X

Honey- Stationbred- Coastie cross Seriously how cute are those giant ears!!

Butch- OTTB- very unusual looking and unorthodox, but check out the back end!! Unfortunately I had the wrong saddle on him and I really struggled to stay with him.

I have Feilding A and P next weekend and we are taking 6 horses and I'm doing hunters and jumpers so I may just die!!At least it's on a sureface so I don't have to stud!


  1. Love the pictures stunning horses! Hope next week end goes well!

  2. Take the capsules, they do work, and some of us need them forever. Its just chemistry - you wouldn't think badly of a diabetic for taking insulin, would you?
    So cool seeing you all pro on FB!