Monday, February 25, 2013

That new horse smell

How good of a smell is that??? Delicious. I'm very excited about this haha. But I'm not going to tell you anything more until money changes hands. Had a good show the weekend just been, picking up a third in the 1.10m on Erl Grey and several places in the showhunter on a clients horse called Folly though showhunter seems so fast and reckless with all that two pointing and forward rides down the lines!! Frightening stuff. Folly is a very good dressage horse though and does beautiful flying changes.

Tomorrow I have a clinic with Sean Cubbit, my second one with him. He is a rider from Ireland whom has been riding in Germany for ages and seems pretty onto it though last time it was so hot at the end of the lesson I was working really hard not to puke. Definitely a loy more riding fit and strong now and feeling happier in my position and balance again. Office work is really notr that good for staying fit as a rider. Definitely not as good as riding for a living. I love my job right now. More soon.

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