Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cross Country Schooling

Even us showjumpers get our brave pants on and go cross country schooling. The horses love the change of pace and it helps get them going forward and being bold. I evented a long time ago when I was much braver and I have to say the solid fences look so much bigger than the painted rails!! I got braver as we went though. My little sister rode Honey and I rode Erl, though sometimes I popped honey over some things- i'm in the maroon breeches. As an aside Kims lower leg is amzing and it's been years since she did any serious jumping- bitch! Anyway, pictures are more interesting than my words so here some are. All photo credit to Belinda who is a fabulous equine photographer- link here.

Such a fun night and so amazing to ride with my sister again after her being in Canada for ages. Very much like us in our younger more pony club less grown up days. Both horses were fabulousness, the only trouble I had was at the Trakenher (more because I was scared!) and at this cow painted fence which was yuck! Hoping to do a low key event later in the season which will be a nice change of scene. God I love my job! For those that want to know there are a mixture of training and pre-training fences which is a range of 80cm to 1m. Not that big in showjumping terms but pure terror as far as I'm concerned in eventing terms. Lucky Erl took such care of me.


  1. Looks way fun!! Can't believe your sis isn't a jumper--she looks fab. My little sister has never had a real riding lesson, but she looks amazing on a horse. I'm not evil enough to make her jump, I guess. ;)

    Glad you are loving the new job.

  2. Looks like fun! And I love that beautiful NZ scenery :)