Thursday, July 25, 2013

So much riding.

It has to be the warmest July on record. It's supposed to be the depths of winter and we are having such long sunny days, it's unreal and a little unnerving. The arena is being absolutely thrashed now that it's in and both Connie and Butch are here with me and coming into work. Connie is hella fat and I'm working on it but she is like me, quick to get fat and oh so slow to lose it.

Butch is the other way a little lean and mean but feeling strong and well in his body. Actually both of them feel good and strong under saddle even if Butch is much uglier than I had remembered. Though to be fair he certainly is a lot better now once he has been clipped. Not the easiest horse to clip because every time the clippers touched him he would jump and he had to be twitched to do his head and neck but he looks so much better now the rank coat is gone and his clipped coat has an amazing copper sheen. i have added copra and oil to his diet so I'm hoping he will pick up. I wish I could fix his back and make it like he was a 7yo again but it's so swayed now from poor saddle fit and unbalanced saddles. Even when you do tummy stretches he can't lift it that high. Still like I say under saddle he feels the best he has since I bought him.

Anyway we had a client come to try a horse and she spent a few days with us and took lots of photos. So I will share them with you now and you can see my ponies in all their glory. Yes I do ride in track pants it's because they are cheap and breeches aren't and then when I put my breeches on i have so much grip. If you can sitting trot in track pants you are secure lol.


  1. Yeah, pretty darn good for winter. :) Butch will look better with correct work. He looks good over fences at least. :)

  2. shut the front door! a singlet! woah. Connie looks great!