Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look who is back

There is just something about life through that set of ears, it always brings a smile to my face to have her back again. Connie is back in training and it's like sliding on an adorable pair of faded comfy old slippers. They may not be the most talented or flashy but they are a dream for your feet. She is my slippers with all her beautiful buttons. Shoulder ins, leg yields, demi-pirouettes, every part of her body mostly under my control. 
It's an amazing thing. Though I had a shock the first time I rode her because after the holstiners I have been riding, and the nippier tbs, and Butch who goes very like a gangly warmblood, she felt like a little fat pony. And she is seriously fat. I'm going to actually have to train her like I'm planning to field hunt her to get the weight off of her. 

Still she is a very good 1.20m horse and there is no shame in that. She has won me quite a bit of prize money now and she really owes me nothing in terms of what she has done for my confidence and I just love her. She is my best horsey mate. Sometimes we upset each other with niggly behaviou e.g. pawing and breaking things to get to food, but she has always been good to me. Rode her in a bitless cross over bridle today and she was ok in. Much the same as in the rubber snaffle though perhaps a little quicker to stop, but worse to turn.

A couple more pictures of Willis. I'm not sure how he got the name Willis, he came with it, but he was free and he is actually a very very cool horse and the person who gave him away should be kicking herself for not persevering with him. When he arrived he was dead in the eye and now he is starting to get a personality and sparkle. He is very brave and not very spooky and very laid back about everything. a little dull to the leg but we are working on it. He is jut a very nice, very basic sort of a horse, though his jump is very cute. He used to buck a little at the canter (not well) but now his back is stronger he has completely stopped it. He does pull to the right over jumps but he is still very very green.

Full photo credit to Belinda Pratt Photography

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