Monday, July 8, 2013

Manfield Winter Show

So we had a show yesterday. My boss won two classes, and everything else jumped well and her 5yo is shaping up into one of the nicest horses ever. He is just a dream. All the raw talent you would ever want with a big kind sensible brain. I just want to hug his wheelbarrow head all day.

I got to compete as well on a 4yo OTTB called Willis whom has been handed around a little bit but he is a very cool dude. Very sensible just quite green.!/photo.php?v=683817378298259&notif_t=video_wall_create

That should be a video of him in the 70cm when we had about a billion time faults. In the 80cm we didn't have as good a ride, I needed to let him canter more and trust him and keep him straight so we had two rails, but really it was his third show and my first show on him and we both survived so thats a win isn't it?

 Now the arena is in I can start putting more work into him and get him a little more schooled. 

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  1. I3m belatedly catching up on all my blog reading that I missed last week - delighted to hear that all went well at the show & that your boss did so well. That 5year old sounds wonderful - any photos of the whole gang? :)
    Unfortunately I am not on fb so can't see your vid. Sounds like a positive experience for both you & he called Willis, like "What you talkin'bout Willis?" from Different Strokes?