Sunday, September 11, 2016


So I am struggling a little with the change to working 8-5 because I used to work 5-11 and then 2-5 with maybe some day work if something came up which left the middle of the day for ponies. Now harder to do ponies because I'm tired at the end of the day. Apparently naps are frowned upon and naps were a staple of my life. 

Anyway Wednesday I catch my horse to get a ride in before the coming polar blast and he's lame walking in. So I trot him to confirm and yea he's hella lame in the off hind. And then I felt like a jerk because I saw his shoe was twisted and the quarter clip embedded in his sole. Good one Bex. 

I took the shoe off with a hammer and chisel and then wrapped the foot. And even managed to get a farrier sorted for the next day to put the shoe back on. Not a lot of foot left though, so if he loses it again I'm a bit screwed. Then the weather deteriorated into icy winds, rain and hail and it was suddenly easy to give him a few days off. The weather was good all weekend though but I wanted to give him more time off so I rode one of my trainers horses.

He was very lazy but is a really lovely boy. It's taken over a year to undo the damage caused by earlier owners but he's become such a sweet forgiving horse as long as you don't mind using a lot of leg. 

Show next weekend I was wanting to go over to for a day so fingers crossed China is ok when I work him tomorrow night. Horses. 


  1. FRICKEN SHOES! I hate them. I count my lucky stars B transitioned well because otherwise I would be screwed too Best of luck with the shoes and schedule change!

  2. Ugh hate when they pull/slip shoes. I hope you find your groove in the new routine and that the show goes well.

  3. Ouch! Hope he feels better soon.
    That's the problem with normal job hours - they take up valuable riding time :(

  4. Not looking forward to finishing uni because then I'll be doing 8-5 and will have no time for ponies!