Saturday, September 3, 2016


Finally getting some good condition and muscle tone. Needs his mane tidied up though. I love riding this horse, his movement is so light and effortless and when he's soft and listening he's an absolute dream to ride. He's also a bit of a dick but if I can get him on side and with the program as it were, he's going to be quite talented. 

So I have a plan with my trainer. I have always sort of known that China wouldn't be a true snaffle horse. The reality of The situation is here is a racehorse who couldn't be held by what are pound for pound the strongest athletes in the world, so if a jockey can't chances are I won't. I guess to because I'm mostly in jumper land using a variety of bits doesn't phase me and I'm always of the opinion it's better to bit up and be light than to fight constantly in something milder. 

So stage one was a flat ride in a Mullen mouth Pelham with a wrapped curb chain. He definitely didn't love it but he threw his head some at the start but he softened into it really nicely. I rode with two reins too. 

Only the snaffle rein goes through the martingale. Today I had a jumping lesson in the same bridle and it was night and day from the horse I rode Saturday at the show. I was able to add a stride in the line and get him really quietly to the base of every fence. In my last lesson he was jumping in and racing down the line and when I asked him to wait he just locked his neck and threw his head, and blew me off.

We probably schooled a course of about 60cm if that high, really working on smooth canter to the base. It was underpowered for a competition canter, but it was amazing being able to close my hand slightly and have him wait nicely.

Stage 2 is jump in the rubber Pelham, because he was a little light in the metal. Maintain the quiet and relaxation. Take him to a show and jump my first class in the Pelham and see what horse i have.
This is because he needs to learn that being out doesn't mean going fast. All other work to be in his long cheek French link.

Stage three is go back to the snaffle and but snaffle I mean dig into my trainers amazing bit box and have a play in there. From
There I'll just play it by ear. I want to event so the bulk of his work will be in dressage legal snaffles and just finessing the but for jumping. Also his bandages are amazing 

And after years of coveting I finally got my Ogilvy pad when it came up secondhand in my town of all places and it's actually amazing


  1. I like your opinion on bits :)

  2. I agree better to bit up and be light than constantly fight. I hate watching people get dragged around etc but still bragging they are in a snaffle. My mare is pretty good if she gets schooled once a week or so in something stronger like a pelham. She finds her frame and balance, and is much easier to remind where to be the next ride in a softer bit. As long as your hands are soft and fair, nothing wrong with having brakes.