Monday, September 5, 2016

Injurance (technically ctr)

So Sunday they held a Novice 10km CTR which basically is some sort of race judges on your ability to arrive exactly on time with a low heart rate. China mans starting heart rate was 54 so we were out basically before we began but that wasn't the point. Mostly I wanted an outing where there wasn't much jumping and galloping and just something different for him. 

He was really good going out and wasn't spooky or strong, the Pelham has definitely helped his brain make some connections. He jogged heading home a lot especially when the pony we rode out with got further and further ahead but it was so good for him. Had a nice gallop across one paddock and he pulled up easily for him anyway. He was in a loose ring French link snaffle. He even stopped jogging for the last km. And even when he was getting himself worked up he never pulled or tried to bolt, just jogged.

His starting hr was 54, it was 69 when he came in and it was back to 50 when we did our final vet thirty minutes after finishing. Kate in the other hand was incredibly chilled about everything and had hr of 30,50 and 40 respectively to win the class for my sister.

Also I just a full time job as a large animal tech and it's making riding really hard. But yay no more milking. 


  1. Sounds like the perfect event for China! Congrats on the job too!

  2. Sounds like a great outing! Exciting about the new job too :)