Sunday, May 31, 2009

But it's not winter yet??!!

It snowed today on the last day of Autumn. Kim and I were saddling up when it struck. Kate looked confused as. I don't know that she has ever seen snow. So we scooted off to go stand in the shed until it passed. After the squall it was really quite fine, just an incredibly bitter wind. We went for a bit of a road ride, jumping every bank and ditch a long the way. Rascal just about fell on her face up the bank until she figured out that she had to, you know, try. Silly mare.

I just adore Kate. She has a lot of try and the more I get to know her, the more comfortable I am even though she is spooky. I can recognise when she is getting spooky and sit back and get her past now. I got such cold teeth from laughing so much while Kim and I mucked around. It was so like old times, when Kim and I just used to charge around on horse back. I do need to get in and do some schooling, but the weather hasn't been good for more than a quick hack really.

On the wa yhome we could see the clouds coming over and hid in the hay shed which is about half way home. The squall took ages coming over and then i was there, swirling flakes of snow. Magic. Snow is such a rare occurance around here that it just thrills me no end. Kim wasn't so fussed having had a glut of snow when she was in Sweden, but I was stoked. At one point I was standing outside the shed and this gust hit us, that was just thick with snowflakes. Poor Kate having to put up with her mental new owner.

I was out for dinner in Palmy, but when we got back there is about an inch of snow settled on top of the car. Secretly, I have my fingers crossed for more snow because A) its fun and B) If the roads get closed my BF can't get home and I can spend another day with him. Hopefully, the snow is still there so that I can get pictures. I got a text from Kim saying the horses were white so it must have been heaps heavy while I was gone.

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  1. Sounds like you had some marvelous fun, snow and all! I'm glad winter is over here - we get heaps of snow, and some very cold weather.