Thursday, May 7, 2009


The weather is about to pack up, so after 10 rides, Bill is going to be turned out until Spring. We got walk/trot out in the open which is what I wanted. It seems a shame, but honestly, I'm ready to just have one horse in work, preferably an easy one. Is it crazy to be sick of riding green horses?? I'm tired of dealing with green nonsense.

Kate is going well. She is basically a good horse. She is a bit spooky, sometimes a biut strong and she really doesn't want to work correctly, but we are getting there. She is as smart as a whip and learns really quickly. I love the way when I feed her she paws her bucket with her front foot, but so much more violently then any of the others, she has left great big muddy smears all over the buckets. We rode up the road alone today and just cantered around this massive flat paddock we have at the run-off there. She was strong but mostly good, even if she doesn't like to cross the white lines.

The kicker?? The saddle that fits her best, is a 17 inch but isn't a flat seat. The Bates I use on the others is a flat seat so it's a little more forgiving, but the Pessoa really isn't. Sigh. So here were go I guess. Actual proper diet time. I don't know if you guys have noticed (Maybe the size of the horses hid it pretty well, they are all big animals) but I'm a big girl. Strong and honestly carrying more around the middle than I should. I'm basically really lazy. I know that carrying the extra weight is hurting not only my ability to ride, but also my self-esteem.

So the goal then is 66 kilos. A weight I have been a few times after a lot of hard work. It's probably fairly small for the frame I have but I have so many nice clothes I fit at that weight. So honestly thats 15 kilos to lose. Which I admit is a lot, but at least now I need to lose weight to fit my saddle, I'm actually motivated to do something about it.

Why a picture of Fred you ask? I was going to write smething about him, but when it came to it, I really couldn't put those words down. I look at that picture though and miss him some. Not the bad things, but I knew his buttons, and I loved the sheer power he had over a fence. And he was a wicked color. you have to agree with that.


  1. Fred was a looker, no doubt. Glad you got the good ride you wanted in. Kate may come back in the spring better than ever. Good luck with the weight loss - those deeper seated saddles are unforgiving, aren't they! Take it slowly, though, so so you stay healthy!

  2. I love Fred's coloring and can understand why you miss him a little. You two worked with each other for a long time.
    Good luck with losing your weight. That's one of the hardest things to do, trust me I know, I'm always on a perpetual diet.
    Glad you had a nice enough ride on Kate.

  3. >> I'm ready to just have one horse in work, preferably an easy one. Is it crazy to be sick of riding green horses?? I'm tired of dealing with green nonsense. <<

    I feel you! My horse isn't new-undersaddle-green, but we've had to work a lot on balance, gaits, and introducing small fences. Lately he's been really catching on to the fences and I'm really excited to soon be able to hack around, rather than always staying on top of the learning experience for him.

    I feel you on the saddle thing - my saddle is an 18 and in the last year I've made a big effort to lose weight (same reasons, self esteem, athleticism, mobility in the saddle). 30lbs later the balance point is probably a leeeeetle off for me, but it's basically changed my whole life, riding and otherwise. You can do it!

  4. Good luck for the dieting! I'm in that winter weight-busting mode too (being that I'm 5'2" every extra kg is violently noticeable!).

    I'm sure Bill will be happy to be rugged up and left to be a horse for winter. Grow a bit and then come back ready to be an awesome wee horse next season.

  5. Good luck with the weight loss! Having a goal to work towards is always a motivator. Sounds like Kate's coming along nicely, can't wait to see her come spring - I reckon she'll be a new horse.

  6. "She was strong but mostly good, even if she doesn't like to cross the white lines."

    Well duh she's a jumper, you gotta jump over straight white pole-looking things on the ground :D Gogo doesn't like white stuff on the ground either, she steps REALLY huge over marks on the pavement.

    Good luck with the dieting! I'm trying to do the same thing - actually, DIJ and Funder and I started a fitness blog if you want to get in on it - and well, I'm lazy and it's not working out, lol. Better luck to you!