Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Splish Splash

Kim is fully out to turn Rascal into a real all round type horse. She wants to event, and as I drive Truckie and can't bear to be at a show and not riding I guess I will event as well. But probably only to Pre-training, though if I take Kate, I should really go Training. To be fair eventing will be great for Connie to get her really forward and as I was planning to have her eventing fit anyway, in the hopes of accessing a bit more forward and a bit more jump, it wont be a huge issue. The training nights are always fun so thats all good.

Anyway, as Kim wants to event the goal for the day was to go to the river let Rascal have a splash around and then to ride her bareback. To be fair Rascal is already a super young horse considering she is only five. She was bred and broken in by Stephen Sport horses and they have done a great job with her, as proven when we went to the river and she just went straight into the water after a sniff. Kate took longer to get in than that.

Kate was not amused from the get go. She was unhappy walking across the river boulders, and completely unamused by the water. She really didn't want to go in. But she did, and I like this horse most for this I'm afraid but I'll go if you ask me attitude. She was stood in the water, just trembling but then 2 minutes later she was blase as. Rascal really liked the water. She had a great splashing technique, soaking Kim, and obviously having a ball, though she did do some pig roots when the water first touched her belly. Kate kept sniffing the water and she had a few very tentative splashes, but she went too hard once and spooked herself with the water splashing up.


  1. I had a mare when I was young who just loved water - in fact she loved water so much that every time I took her in, she would splash and then roll (with me on)! Sounds like you had a fun day - it's nice that Kate's so brave!

  2. Water takes a while to get used to. xD

  3. So glad to find you! Grey Horse Matters gave me your new link. I thought at first it was just me but when your old link never worked I finally figured it out and asked GHM.

    Previous post about horses's brains really gives me a lot to think about. Thanks! Will change your link on my blogroll to the new one.

  4. So glad you made it Anne, and thanks for changing the link. It's much appreciated.