Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bills ninth ride

Can you feel the enthusiasm?? Don't we look insanely excited? Today was like the first day that Bill walked away from me when I went to catch her. I guess she is over being a riding horse Lol. She went and stood in the corner and looked out, like she didn't notice me. Bless her.

Same deal though, lunge, lunge. Then the flies were so bad I sprayed her with acid. Well homemade fly spray but she thought it was acid. It's one part listerine, one part water and one part baby oil. It's not great but it works pretty good. Certainly helped Bill. And you know really cheap. Incidently, equal parts water, white vinegar, and baby oil makes a really cheap funny smelly show shine that works great in tails.

So we walked around and we trotted around. She was a little doggy today, didn't really want to trot, but I made her and by the end she was departing better. Also today was the first time I used the stirrup to get on (From my barrel not the ground), my first rising trot, and one other cool first.

Check it out!! Leaving the ring. Woo. I followed Mum for a bit and then had a tiny walk by myself. As you can see Bill doesn't really give a continental. She is getting better and better under saddle which I like. And I'm getting more and more comfortable on her.

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  1. LOL her face is like "Ugh, can we just stop now? Please?" Good job on leaving the ring, she's coming along really well!