Friday, May 29, 2009

Sorry it's been a while

But honestly nothing has been happening. The weather has been rubbish, and I haven't really been doing anything. The last two days were beautiful and the horses all got their covers off briefly, which I'm sure they appreciated. Connie has got very naughty since being turned out. Wouldn't stand for her cover to be put on until I threatened to bring her back into work. My Mum reckons she has growwn some more, and seeing as she was still but high it's no real surprise. She is going to be a very big mare though. She looks quite small but she is probably about 16.2hh.

I had a ride yesterday the first one in ages, and I was going to do some walk trot fitness type stuff. I spent like 20 minutes just getting Kate to trot quietly over a rail on the ground. Bless her. And then I found this little log, and a really nice ditch so I played eventer for a while. I need to play with bits, because the one she is using now it probably a little too sharp, but she can be hard to hold in it. I almost wonder if I should step her up to a 3 ring gag with a milder mouthpiece so I can be really kind to her, but I have someting extra for wen she does get on the muscle. I think if I went to a milder snaffle I would end up having trouble holding her. I would rather ride a horse in a stronger bit than fight a horse in a milder one.Interestingly, with the Pessoa on Kate she has stopped pulling angry faces and threatening to bite me when I saddle her up which is good, but I think it's too low on her withers. I have a special felt pad with a cut out for the wither and we will see how that goes. Frankly, I couldn't afford to buy a saddle at the moment. I can't really afford to buy anything at the moment!

Oh man, the weather is supposed to pack up again which is woeful. I do plan to get Rascal and Kate clipped but they both need to be washed first and it's going to be a while before I get the perfect day for that I fear. Still once they are done it will be awesome. I love clipped horses. They are so much easier to look after and get clean. I also intend to clip both Kate and Rascals white socks to try and limit mud fever problems. The bug is definitely in our soil. I add copper to the trough water to help prevent it, but Rascal is susceptible to it. If I clip her socks it will keep her skin drier, and it shouldn't be a problem.

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  1. Its really fun to have a nice low stress ride! I use to change up my bit a bunch too, my mare would go from pulling to head flipping if my bit was to easy or harsh. They mylar level 2 full cheek has been great for us. And I bought a pessoa about 4 years ago and cant imagine riding in anything else!!