Monday, October 5, 2009

Te Teko Show- Video

Here is video of Kate jumping the first part of the 1m class. Feel free to offer any advice.


  1. It's fun to see you guys in action - thanks for the video! She really locks on nicely and goes to the fences - it's clear that she loves her job.

  2. Beautiful job of staying back off the shoulder of her horse. I like the auto release too. It's so seldom taught here in the states.
    My advice? Go to a show with better footing! LOL! Looked like a good round all things considered.

  3. Thanks Kate

    Vectormom, in NZ we have little choice what the footing is like. We always jump on grass so it's entirely weather dependent

  4. great video! You guys make a really good team and look like you are both enjoying the time, nice job riding on that footing. Thank goodness for studs or you would be sliding all over the place!

  5. Advice? I advise you to send her to me!!!

    Yay for good rides!