Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wairarapa Showjumping and Showhunter Championships - the Results

I apologise in advance for the lack of photos but as I'm no longer with my phototaking guy, I'm kind of sunk in that regard. So anyway, the show ran Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (labour day woo!) and I had a lovely night at the pub friday evening with my horsey friends. Anyway, on the Saturday I had both Kate and Connie in the 95cm and kim had rascal in the same class. Connie jumped super cute and was double clear for the "win". A1 class wghich means everyone that jumps a double clear is tied for he win. It's to encourage people to not jump-off like maniacs against the clock in the smaller classes.Kate jumped ok- a little hot- and had a lazy rail but still it was pretty good. Rascal was also double clear and one of my friends watching said it was hard to tell who was had the biggest smile as they went around, Kim with her big grin or Radscal with her pricked as ears.

The Sunday Connie was in the Welcome hunter, the first year registered, and the amateur hunter. She was jumping awesome in the Welcome hunter but then took a rail in the double. She was even better in the first year registered but crossfired the canter on the last corner- Nooo! Showhunter is hard and I should stop doing it until she has all of her leads solid. The amateur was the same, she jumped really well but crossfired. She did pout her tongue over thebit which caused some hilarity. I could see her tongue swirling around outside her mouth after I jumped a practise fence and said "Kim, is her tongue over the bit?" Kim was just like "yup" and turned away content that what I had said was correct. And then she was like "ooohh! Thats not right!" and fixed it for me. I'm going to try Connie in a waterford bit because she likes bendy bits and she is too bracy in the mullen mouth and so she is loosing her shape over the fences sometimes. If Connie doesn't get bracey she has a beautiful shape over a jump. And I know you are thinking hmm it takes two to brace and that is correct so it's something I have to work on too, it's just the natural respoonse when horses start running you at fences.

I ended up catchriding a friends horse- very tall narrow chestnut horse with Irish ancestry in the 90cm and he jumped a double clear and was quite fun. He is a bit of a dork but a decent horse to ride, still pretty green but wants to do the job just likes lots and lots of leg. Then Kate was in the 1m class and she was double clear in that and she jumpoed awesome as but I got a bit too noisy with the hand to some of the fences. On the Monday Kate, Connie, and Patrick were all in the 1m class and Patrick was double clear and I got down there late on Connie and Kate. I was warming up Kate and I rushed her too much and chased a stupid spot and had a hard refusal which I deserved for being late in the first place, for rushing Kates warm-up, and for chasing spots. It just knocks the confidence some. And so then I gave up on rushing and retired them both from the class. I was pretty gutted about that to be honest but being disorganised is pretty lame. I need to get my act together more.

Anyway, it was mostly a good show and the weather was stunning for 3 days and that NEVER happens at this show. Last year it was an absolute bog. My next show was going to be Kihikihi in a fortnights time, but instead I'm going to do the Saturday and the Sunday of the Wairarapa A&P show and Do 1m on Saturday on Connie and Kate and the same on Connie the next day and perhaps the 1.10m on Kate on the Sunday. Good times.


  1. Have you tried Connie in a double-jointed mouthpiece? I've had some luck with those (KK lozenge in particular).

    If you're disorganized, good decision to stand down - don't feel too bad about that. Sounds like you had a pretty good outing over all.

  2. Yea I have tried her in a both a thicker and a thinner version of lozenge french links. The action of them is too sharp and she falls behind the bridle in them. I think the action of the waterford will be less point specific, while conforming to her small mouth and being impossible to brace against so it's worth a try. If it doesn't work all I have done is increase my bit collection.