Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Clinic

I didn't get it pulled off, I didn't get Kate sound enough in time and then Connie joined her with some lameness, mostly by throwing a shoe and taking a lot of foot with it. I'm still optimistic they will be right by the weekend and I'll be able to do the Gladstone sports day. Ahh Horses you do make it difficult. Still there maybe a clinic in early Jan and I'd love to get to that one.

I have continued my search for a bit for Connie because I haven't been loving the feel of the waterford lately. I tried her in a rubber pelham and she was so so soft in it but wanted to fall behind the bridle. I can see how in a few seasons time when she is stronger and hotter and jumping bigger fences I might need it but for now we are back in a bendy rubber straight bar snaffle and she is already well started on chewing through it. She just stays so much softer to the aids, though once we get out at a show she may just bolt and I'll have no brakes so time will tell on that one.

It's currently hosing down despite being the second day of Summer. I'm not sure Summer is ever coming now TBH, I'm so looking forward to this weekend and I'll do the 1m class and the 1.10m class on them both, soundness pending of course. After a bit of a break I'm really excited to get back into showing. Aiming for the 1.15championship on the 20th of December with Kate, it's exciting to be working towards another upgrade, so fingers crossed and we will see how it goes. Tough on the horses though, Saturday is Gladstone, the following Friday and Saturday is Feilding A&P and then the following Wednesday I'm heading to Taupo for the Christmas classic which runs over 4 days. Then maybe Kyrewood on the 27th and 28th though I don't like that show :(


  1. Oh, bad luck. It would have been great to see what you could've achieved with your girls at the clinic.
    Nice to hear you are happily excited about competing again. And 1.15 classes too! Me so envious...

  2. It's just Kate Sharon she makes all the difference :) I hope I get a chance to meet you at HOY