Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone

And many happy tidings for the new year etc. Kyrewood is cancelled so I have a brief interlude before the clinic on the 3rd and 4th. Random pictures from the last few days to tide you over.

A painting I had to treat myself with for Christmas. It's a print of a Julie Greig painting of Catherino II who incidently is Connies sire so I couldn't pass it up.

Our JRT puppies. The one of the left is my puppy called Roger. She is my hallmark puppy she is so cute and she is hilarious.

Connie doesn't have such a high opinion of swimming really, and a really long tongue!

Yes my thighs are that white it's been a pretty bleak Summer until just recently.


  1. Love the pictures - it reminds us here in the northlands that there are still places where it's summer!

  2. i love the pics! There so nicee :) I also really like your blog over all! Its really good. :)

  3. Hi Beckz, great to hear you have a print of my painting of the gorgeous Catherino, the perfect treat for Christmas! Did you find the print in Downtown Art & Frames in the mall, Palmerston North? I'm interested to know as they are limited edition prints.
    I have a blog too - with some more horses to see -
    all the best for a great year,

  4. Yea I did buy it from Downtown Art and Frames. I think he said it was print number 4.