Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fielding A+P is a debacle

I have to say, though it sounds mad the atmosphere at Fielding was off. Maybe it's because entries were so low or that the weather was pretty average but I just wasn't happy to be there (I need to work on my superstitiousness) Anyway, Kim had a mare. Obviously, the fall at Gladstone had spooked her horse more than we had anticipated, and Kim and the two of them couldn't get it together, and Kim has decided to take a break from competing for a while.

I got on Kate and she was unsound. Not really bad but still you don't jump a lame horse. So the plan has changed, entries for Taupo are canceled and I will go to the Carterton Spring show with Rascal in the small classes to get her going and maybe (fingers crossed) Kate in the 1m and 1.10m. Then it's Kyrewood for a day just after Christmas (Even though I pretty much hate Kyrewood, it's always big and spooky so I really need to go do it) and then the NI showjumping Champs in Danniverke so there is still plenty of showing to come.

I am freaking out about having 3 horses at shows again because I was flat out last time I had three but Kim says she will still help with grooming and keeping the horses fit so I may be able to do it and continue breaking in Bill. Kim is a phenomenal groom. Damn I wish riding was my only job!


  1. Damn! Don't they break your heart somedays? All the best getting your girls back to their best. Might see you at Dannevirke or Kyrewood.