Thursday, December 10, 2009


So Connie got a nice laceration on her chest and has 6 very neat stitches on the eve of Fielding A+P show. Hitting a patch of bad luck eh! It was crazy. I had Kate on the lawn having a feed and Connie must have tried to knock the fence down with her chest as she does and caught a bolt that sticks out. I was away for 20 seconds putting up my saddle and Kim was standing right there and still it happened.

Anyway, I walked around the corner with her feed and I saw it and just went straight back inside to call the vet. I didn't do anything with it as she wasn't bleeding very much and the vet was pretty happy about that because it was a nice clean fresh wound. Uhh of course she did it just after hours so the bill will be bigger. Still generally she is my soundest horse so I can't complain too much. And it really isn't serious she will probably only miss two shows.


  1. It's amazing what trouble they can get into in just a second! Glad it's not too bad!

  2. Oh no! But that's horses, eh?
    I hope you are still taking Kate to Feilding. Don't forget to get lots of photos. And good luck!

  3. sorryto hear about Connie! They sure do find ways to hurt themselves... and murphy's law it is always right at showing season!

    Hope she heals fast annd without any problems.

  4. crap!
    are you doing taupo? or the carterton carnival thing?