Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Channeling the inner 10yr old

I've mostly been an minimalist when it comes to turnout. Brown leather, white saddle blankets. Maybe a little stitching detail but nothing to flashy. I did get a sparkle browband that didn't get a lot of use because it didn't suit butches face. Bob however was born to wear sparkles! 

I think the use of sparkles has broke something in me. That and second hand internet shopping because I have been buying stuff all over the place dressing China up like a princess pony.

These bad boys are on their way

Amazing right!! And I got him this super thick and squishy bad boy 

I'm struggling internally about with it would be wrong to buy gold glitter hoof polish but surely not right? Maybe pink? China can pull it off anyway 


  1. I mean... wrong is such a relative term. Go for it!

  2. Ha I get a very sick kick out of dressing my ponies up ;) it's supposed to be fun haha

  3. BUY ALL THE THINGS. Seriously, ETT on FB is my weakness.

  4. Isn't it something like "It's the mark of a good horse with how well they wear pink"? Something like that I'm pretty sure. :P

  5. Hahahahahaha, no pink polish unless you're showing in Auckland, please. They love that shit up there. I do think gold would be quite lovely though :'D