Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Final Winter Recycled Ribbon Day

So last Saturday was the final of the winter series for the recycled ribbon days run by our local Showjumping group. It was a kind of a frustrating day to be honest. I worked that morning from 5.15 to 8.15 and got to the Showgrounds around 9.30. I wasn't in the first class, for the first time I was going straight out in the 90cm on both of them. To be honest it was a bit of a monster track, and it would either ride well or not depending on how you rode.

One line of a tall upright four strides to a pretty beefy square oxer was causing lots of problems as it was backing the horses off. Didn't even walk long but people were struggling to get down there. I went to warm up China and he was an absolute dick. He was so adamant he knew all the things and wouldn't listen at all. The first cross rail was scary the second was terrifying. He bounded two strides out and ate into the distance so we ended up right in the base of it and he sort of went to stop and I was part way up his neck and then he did jump and luckily we stayed together and that is why I prefer the European style deep seat because I didn't get spat out. I got him to settle some but everytime I checked him instead of slowing not he would throw his head up and lock his neck and go sideways or bound, which of course meant I pulled harder and we got into this ugly tug of war. I know it takes two to pull but I'm also not prepared to just be run at jumps either. I have ridden plenty of strong horses but this completely wooden lack of response is not pleasant.

I'm sure I'll get a few comments about flatwork and the like but he is beautiful to ride on the flat at home. Very soft and rateable, If anything a little lazy.

Definitely It's very mild and a little like Spring has sprung so the grass is starting  to get a little rich and low in mag. Which makes for hot spooky horses full of beans and both of mine definitely felt a little like that. We went into the ring and we had some nice jumps but mostly he wouldn't listen. We got a nice shot to te line at 3 because I had heaps of room by the time I had hauled him around the corner and he'd paused because we were turning away from the parking. 

When he stayed relaxed he was super but he also did some ugly flat jumps and I had a rail and a circle. Then I let one horse go and I went again, because I wasn't going to let him go be tied up to te float after such a wild ride. It was not worth rewarding. He was better the second time, had another rail but no circle and jumped a few more fences on a better shape but still a little manic. I went back in for a third time and he was even more settled though quite strong still and also a bit tired so he didn't jump as well.

It's just so frustrating because he's so much more relaxed at home and then we go out and his brakes seize up. Which is clearly a product of having been a racehorse that was impossible to hold.

Still the jumps he did well he jumped amazing. Here is the last fence three times. No shortage of scope. 

Honestly, I was completely stuffed by the end of that and still had to drag out Bob. Bob jumped super for one rail but tried really hard. A little hesitant jumping into his lines but really pleased with him 

The front end needs work and v rails to tighten up but as such a big horse he probably needs a bigger fence. 

I don't know why my right leg is so wayward. That needs working on. When did this happen?! Bob needs to tighten up in front and peak over the fence instead of beyond it. China I don't know really. I need to break the cycle of arguing . I need to sit on him more quietly And I really need some control. Though I never feel unsafe on him. Horses


  1. The pictures are lovely! Glad it was a good day with the horses performing mostly well. China sounds like a tricky ride for sure tho!!

  2. Definitely lovely photos, I really do like Bob. Super surprised he hasn't been snapped up yet!

    Also so impressed that you slogged it out with China instead of giving in to being tired, especially knowing you had another horse waiting to go. I hope that you can get his issues when he's out under control, he looks like a really talented horse and it's a shame he can't hold it together away from home. You wouldn't tell that just from looking at photos mind!