Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stuff and stuff

I can't promise interesting content at the moment that's for sure. I'm mostly flailing around with a fog like brain napping where I can. Calving has starting with a roar and a hiss and my life had gone from cruisey to insanely mental. I'm in the bath at the moment and my eyelids are getting heavy. It's 6.41pm on a Saturday night. I'm such a wild child. So a massive storm has blown up from the South And it's freaking cold. The wind is so bitter and it's been absolutely pouring. My poor baby calves are arriving so cold and wet. It's amazing what a bit of milk can do though. 

Such unexcited ponies to work. You can see the rain clouds building to the south. To be fair though both worked really well though which was nice because it was cold and I didn't want to invest that much energy. They are both such lovely boys.

I thought to if Bob is still around in a couple of months I might do some saddle hunters on him which is sort of like an American flat class based of type movement and temperament. He does dish a front leg but it should be a hoot even if I know nothing about it really. I'm told I have to do the working hunters as well which involves a jump so shit should get interesting.

Apparently they are looking at getting jousting into the olympics so maybe I should aim Bob at that. In other news my trainer hurt herself which means yay lots of ponies for me to play with and boo responsibilities at an already insanely busy time of year. Gah I'm not even sure what my point is. I'm still here I guess there's jumping next week and I'm very very tired. And cold it's also cold 


  1. Those calves sure are cute! Hope you get some rest soon :)

  2. It is SO cold!! I'm in much the same boat as you, minus having a whole herd of baby critters to care for too and an event to organise. Coffee and naps are pretty much the only things on my mind this month.

  3. Ha jousting - definitely do it!!! ;)