Thursday, August 18, 2016

Great lesson, great show.

China finally well covered over the ribs after 6 months. 

So the day before the next jumping day I had a lesson on both China and bob. China was once again a difficult know it all. He was fine jumping down the related line in one direction but going the other way would jump in and run at the next fence. We did some pull ups where I jumped in and halted him which just added to his stress levels and he refused to give it up. Normally you halt a few times and then jump in and sit up and they come back to you anticipating the halt and you go pat pat pat good pony good learning.

China took it as something of a personal affront and was like human why are you ruining this for me. I would have done it ten times and he was still looking to run down the next fence. I think I need to add circles in my related lines instead of the halting. Still he settled in the course work and whenever he got hot or silly I would just circle and we got our canter a little more dialled in and he relaxed and started to give me more shape over the fences.

Bob we had a real epiphany with though because I've been softening at the base of the fences on both of them to give them the room to jump in a relaxed way but of course I've been taking it too far and letting bob fall in his forehand and then lengthen that last stride which effectively throws all our impulsive into the toilet which results in rails. Firmer contact at the base and he really started to jump with more power. With China too I need to do this at least for a while because he's getting flat on the last stride as well. Though give it three weeks and it will change again. Having two very different green horses to ride is really keeping me on my toes.

The morning of the show was disgusting, pouring with rain and cold and I was really tempted to A. Pull the pin or B. Just take Bob because he's the client horse and needs to be getting out because he's on the market. However, I put on my Big girl pants and went despite being super late and there being low entries. I basically got there, got on China, learnt the course, jumped three warm up fences and went in. The course was really weird with only two jumps on the left rein and no related distances bar the combination and no fillers. The front part of the oxer into the combination was just two rails which wasn't bad at 80cm but it was hella ugly at 110m. So China had one rail in the 80cm when I let him run at it a little. But hugely improved from his last competition because I didn't have to turn with both hands on one rein and he was a lot more settled.

Bob came out and just leapt out of his skin at the practice fence and jumped a double clear round in the 80cm. Apparently he really likes contact at the base. Even my little sister was like wow he learnt a lot yesterday. Bonus was he won the class which is nice.

I just stayed in the ring and rode first in the 90cm. He jumped clean again and I had put my stirrups up a hole and felt like I could stay with him a lot better. 

China too was very good. Jumping well from the base and very listeny for him. Just buried him at the base of the first fence of the combination when my eye wandered through the fence. Focus woman! So he had a rail there but still uber happy with both of them considering the weather was so bad. Didn't even put breeches on just rode in my polar fleece pants 

China I feel is going to be one of those quite talented but a bit difficult ponies. Though changed his noseband to a figure 8 and though he didn't like it he did give me some good work. Lovely and responsive 



  1. Well done on your win, really liking Bob he sounds like a cool guy! Also had a giggle when I saw the fleece pants on Facebook - too funny! Don't blame you, actually really impressed as I'd probably fly clean out the back if I jumped in anything other than full seats hahaha

    1. I'm way to cheap to ride day to day in breeches so mostly it's fleece pants and ten dollar track pants. The fleece is surprisingly grippy on calfskin. And yea Bob is a mad chiller. Today I cleaned the arena of poop from his back.

  2. I'm with Christle haha! If I jump B in anything but super grippy full seats I would fly off. I used to jump Yanks in yoga pants...but yeah, B is a pop flyer.

    Awesome job at the show! really well done

  3. woo congrats!! sounds like your hard work is payin off with these guys!