Monday, October 11, 2010

Te Teko Show

Te Teko went really well. Connie and Kate were both in the 1.10m-1.15m welcome stakes. They both jumped really well, Kate was fourth and Connie was seventh so that was really good. The next day was the table C 1.10m class which was just a speed round. I went for it a bit with Kate but got too backwards and didn't ride forwards enough to do any good and had two rails. On Connie I took it slower and jumped a clear round but it was pretty ugly. She was really behind the leg and trying to duck out of the fences. The next day I found some soreness in the foot she had had the abscess in so she didn't run at all on Sunday. Kate jumped the amateur which was a decent sized track with plenty of full sized 1.20m fences in it. It was also very spooky with two walls, lots of fill and two combinations.

My friend had course walked with me and developed a strategy with the lines which was good. Most of them I really had to ride down to get there. So it was good to be the opposite of the day before when I had gotten too backwards. She had a moment when she hesitated going into the first combination. I'm not even really sure why it was scary but lots of horses spooked or had trouble in there. She jumped out so big I was jumped out of the saddle a bit but managed to get organised. Just duffed the last related line a bit because I should have moved up sooner so then I could have waited for the last two strides to give her a better chance of jumping into the final double, so had a rail at the oxer that was the first fence of the double.

Rascal did two 70cm practice rounds on the Friday and had one stop at the double I think, but on Saturday did a clear 80cm round and on the Sunday jumped a clear 90cm round so she is starting to feel a lot more confident and happy with her jumping. So mostly a very good show. I'm rapt Connie placed and jumped a double clear the first day.

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