Sunday, October 3, 2010

Woodhill Sands

I have no pictures!! Ahhh! 10 and a half hours in the truck of travelling meant the horses got off the truck a little poked. And what awaited us? The outdoor yards where mud pits. Poor ponies. We sawdusted the worst ones that night and did the rest in the morning but for 20 bucks you expect a little more. The surface though was beautiful. It looks like they just scraped the top surface off and got this amazing sand base the lucky beggars.

The other bad point as it really didn't seem as friendly as the more local shows. The warm ups were horrendous fighting through everyone who thinks they are somebody and wont give way. Still I nearly ran someone down when I was late for a class so who am I to talk. Still the weather was fabulous and I'm a wee red lobster which is more than I can say about home because as we left home it looked all flooded again.

Anyway, Rascal was a pig the first day. Warmed up really well got into the ring jumped around until three and then at 4 wasn't having a bar of it and got eliminated. Grrr. It's not even like I didn't give her every chance. Anyway, Kate came out for her 1.05m and she was awesomwe! But I turned the wrong way for my finish flags and boom 4 faults. Walk your courses people. Rookie rookie mistake. Still it felt awesome. I'm riding like the rider I used to be. I'm nervous but contained. I'm confident and able to sort my mistakes and my eye is back so hurraH. It's been years since I rode like I did this weekend. Kate was double clear in the 1.10 and it was a big spooky track. I think finally Kate and I are developing a relationship. She never used to want me to pat her but now we have cuddles and stuff. Still I'm cantering down to fences and I have to tell myself to trust her but we have come a long way.

The next day Rascal came out for showhunters dressed up in all the right gear and you should have seen the looks on peoples faces. Canter canter-stop- whack whack- awkward jump. I horrified the poor showhunters, but after the practice round she started to feel confident again. She jumped three showhunter rounds and she only felt looky in one of them so thats awesome. \the judge must of liked her because she was third and fourth in the first two classes, despite missing a lead but I guess she didn't see?

Then I had to literally blast down to the truck, rip her gear off, drag Kate up saddle her up and canter back to the ring, over one practice fence and rode last in the 1.05m class. She was good though and came through for me despite that and we jumped a good round to finish third. The 1.10m I was fifth to ride so basically went straight back in. \she saved me at the third because I was a mile off of it and though she hesitated she took the big leap. I need to let her travel a bit more down her related lines. Still she jumped off well and was fifth in that class out of 70! Man she was just unreal. She is such a good good horse. I just want to bundle her up and hug her haha! She would hate that though. I was done by lunchtime. Then after the GP back on the truck and we landed at my Aunties place which is down the road from Te Teko show about 10pm. \the horses are currently sunbathing in the sun. I rode Connie earlier and it was a bit Mr Toads wild ride but she is overfed and underworked. 1.15ms nest weekend guys. |Can we do it?? I'm not actually that sure, but if the first class goes well I'm stepping Kate up to the amateurs


  1. What a shame - I was there with my camera so could have taken some shots for you! Next time you come up let me know - be great to meet you :)

  2. haha you summed up the woodhill warmups perfectly :)
    i find the only way to warm up properly is to become just as ignorant and push through everyone anyway, unfortunately it's the only way!
    well done on your placings, i wish i was there this weekend!

  3. Alright Kate!! What a great show.

    I didn't know there were showhunters anywhere out of the US. Is it in any way comparable to our hunter divisions?

  4. SB it is exactly the same thing, based on the same scoring and everything.

    Yea it would have been nice to meet you guys.