Monday, October 25, 2010

Wairarapa SJ and SH Championships.

Ah well I can't complain. C horse jumped really well. It's just a few little issues related to me getting the right canter. The first day we had a really nice round with the silly mistake in the video when I rode up too much. Today in the 1.10m I had a really nice round where she jumped super nicely but took the rail into the first double. Possibly because I over rode it a bit but she could have cleared it. i think I need to be putting on a little more leg on the base as well.

The it was the 1.15m speed. she was sticky to start off with- wanted to spook at one and then I lost too much forward on the first corner and popped 2. Had the rail at 3 when I didn't quite have the line right but finished really strongly so that's all good. Kate so ignores what I do mostly while Connie is so sensitive to me not having my body tall enough and the like. It's funny to that with all the big tracks I have been riding Kate in I'm a little less confident on Connie, they are so different to ride. Still can't complain at all really, the weather was fabulous which never happens at this show. Must rain next weekend at the Wairarapa A+P then!


  1. Sounds pretty good and like you're having a good time, which is the important thing!

  2. Looks like you're back to gorgeous weather, just as ours started going downhill. ;-)

  3. Sounds like things are moving right along with you and your girls. That's good. It's really challenging to ride horses that are so different but it sure does make us better riders for having done it. Good for you!

  4. Good on you moving up, you are doing great.
    I had such a mixed show- super round in 1.10 on neo, then retired out of 1m as he was dangerous. Fell off xev, then got an ok round out of her later. I just wish they could talk as I have no idea why it was so up and down.

    Bring on the mini donuts this weekend at clareville