Friday, October 29, 2010

Wairarapa A&P Show- Day 2

Rascal is definitely just getting hissed at. Token feed for you pig horse. I just don't make any progress with her. Last attempt tomorrow or I'm just going to sack her and then hunt her come winter time. Kate was clear in the 1.10m class and doing a super jump-off until I didn't commit enough to the tight angles line over the oxer. whoops! We had a stop but finished well. such a good round though if I hadn't duffed it I might have won a rug. Connie had a rail at the same fence in the jump-off. They jumped super and got fed. Kate was in the 1.20m and it was a small one but still I was packing myself. And then the two riders before me both feel off. I didn't ride my best and she felt a bit flat but I was still pretty happy with my 3 rails and a circle. (I circled off of a bad spot but as I'd had a rail it didn't matter). First time in like 7 years that I jumped a 1.20m so thats pretty freaking cool. Love it.

Rascal 90cms tomorrow and I'll give her So Kalm paste and see if the problem is an anxiety one. And Connie and Kate both do the amateur. It will be Connies biggest track ever so fingers crossed.

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