Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gladstone Sports

Every so often I get the idea that I should do flat classes. I hate flat classes, so I don't know why I get this idea or follow through with it. But anyway Rascal and I did the flat classes and she was actually quite good and I enjoyed riding her. She was second in the Maiden Hack and I was third in the rider class. I still hate dolly classes though.

Then Rascal had a practice round and I don't know what happened but she was so good. I have been collecting Es on her all season and last weekend had to hit her on take-off for nearly every fence. She never even hesitated, she wasn't slow off of the ground and she took the long distances and no chipping in. Weird! So she was clear in the 80cm and the 90cm.

Connie and Kate came out for the 1.10m class. This was Connies first 1.10m class and last year she won it, but I didn't defend my title. I went out on Kate first and was so casual and she ran out of the second fence. Lazy lazy lazy Becky. Poor old Kate being saddled with me. Connie felt really average and argumentative but was still double clear and we ended up second. I actually think we have all reached the point where 1.10m is too small, and we don't take it seriously enough. But I still don't know if I'm ready to stay committed to the bigger heights :(

A TMI issue but after a whole day of riding the old saddle sores are killing me again. They haven't really had a chance to heal properly with all these shows and riding. Boo hiss.

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