Monday, November 1, 2010

Wairarapa A&P Show- Day 3

An interesting day thats for sure. didn't get the results i wanted but figured out a few things. Rascal was first up in the worlds cutest 90cm class. She started out a little hesitant but by fence 3 was really swinging along and I was like sweet as. Then down the double she added a third stride and I got a little ahead of her, and boom her confidence was gone and she was hesitant again and then had two stops at a fence, before I trotted into it, and then after that she finished well. Obviously when Kim went over her head jumping ahead of her it frightened her more than I realised. So I'll keep it really small 80-90cm rage for a while longer and see how it goes. She is too nice of a horse to give up on. If not I may go on to do some dressage with her, there must be something she can do and enjoy and be good at.

Had the amateur on Kate and Connie. I don't know why this class makes me nervous, I guess because I want some freaking series points. I rode Kate super shithouse. Started ok but I'm just getting her way to deep into the uprights, whereas she needs more room and prefers a longer spot, so three rails. But I still don't quite trust her at the higher heights. Next show I hope. Connie blew me away. She jumped so well in what was by far her biggest track and cantering into the last I was so excited but she bludged the last rail. Bless her. I was rapt with that though.

Thank jeebers that after 6 weeks with a show every weekend I have a fortnight before the next one, so will have some time to do some actual training/schooling which I'm sorely in need of now. Next is Central Hawkes Bay and Wanganui.

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  1. you are certainly kept busy haha, can't wait to get competing again! oscar had far too long off over winter and is being such a pain to get fit again, tearing shoes and being kicked every second day!

    well done for connie's biggest track :) she sounds like a star! i don't think i could go over a meter because i have a stupid phobia of uprights!