Sunday, November 7, 2010

Manawatu A+P

$84 dollars in entries, which left me in a hard place really when I realized the surface was concrete like in places. I hate jumping on hard surfaces, and I really feel like more needs to be done now by the shows to have good surfaces. It was a pretty basic looking 1.10m class to start with, that walked ok but caused a fair bit of carnage. Some very good horses had high faulting rounds, and Connie and I were the first clear round and I was the 11th rider in. Kate had a really naughty stop at fence three which did have an ugly fill, but it wasn't a necessary stop. After a smack though she flew over everything. It was awful riding Kate in that arena what with the farrier competition, the alpacas, and the lumber jacks she wasn't sure where to look. Still no rails down, but I was disappointed with the stop.

Connie was next in the jump-off for that class and as a late entry I was the first to go. I have never been first to go in a call back jump-off, but knowing Connie isn't particularly fast across the ground or good at turning, I just tried to be as economical and smooth as possible. She was clear again and then I just had to wait. There were other clears and I held the lead until the last horse went in and jumped a really good jump-off as well. But when the results were announced it was little C horse who got her first proper registered win. Such a good pony.

Then it was the amateur. As my nominated horse, Kate was first and I hoped she would be a bit better. She jumped well to start with but then stopped again at the wall despite an aggressive ride to it. My friend said I was a half stride out but she is hard to place to a spooky fence anyway because she backs off of them. She also said it was a naughty stop. Again she finished really strongly and again she didn't have any rails so to be that close to a clear round in the amateurs and getting some points is starting to get a bit frustrating. She was quite hot and running through the bridle and I do wonder if she wasn't that comfortable on the ground.

Connie jumped well in the amateur, but I rode like a bunny into the second double and was way to quiet. She hit the first rail hard and I pulled her out of the double for 8 faults but she finished really strongly despite being pretty poked. She really prefers to be a one round a day pony. Then everyone got their legs poulticed. I guess I have a few things to think about now. Do I change Kates bit, possibly to a french link? Am I doing too much with them? Though I see the same horses every weekend so perhaps not. I try to be as easy on them as I can but ultimately they do have a job to do. Central Hawkes Bay starts on Friday and if the feel tired in their first class that day I will pull them out. To be fair they don't get worked very hard between shows at the moment.

Oh I really want some clear rounds over the bigger heights. All these 4 fault rounds. Sigh. I hope it was just the ground or the atmosphere with Kate and that she will be happier the coming weekend.


  1. that sounds so busy!
    i didn't even click that the manawatu a&p was where the farrier comp was, i was going to enter that but didn't get enough practise in! we could have been competing at the same place and not known, that would have been weird :)

    when's the next comp? hoping you get your clear round!

  2. Congrats on the win!