Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventure in the pipeline

So every season my good friend and I try to have some sort of adventurous trip away. In this way I have been to many shows I have never been to before- Gisborne, Te Teko, Rotorua, shows that are a bit beyond my traveling distance. But my friend has a beautiful truck that loves to travel and takes 7 horses, so we have come up with a doozey of an adventure for the start of this season. We are going to travel to Auckland for woodhill sands, then back to Te Teko and then on to Gisborne for three consecutive weekends! Hope to base ourselves in Whakatane. And then we get back and it will be the Labour weekend show and then the Wairarapa A&P show and then my horses will need a rest!

Feeling a bit battered from my rugged farming work and I desperately wish it would stop raining because myself, my family, the horses and the cows are all heartily sick of the mud. I'm so excited though. Still the first show is looming only 11 days away. AHHH! Hoping Connie meets me halfway on this one lol.


  1. Wow, that looks like one heck of an adventure! I am very jealous. Where abouts in the Manawatu are you based Beckz?

  2. Oh wow what an adventure. I'm envious as hell. Oh to be a few years younger at times and go do all that stuff. And yeah I agree the fees for your showjumping are steep and the whole name change fee.....I didn't realise it was that much. So whats the plan...Kate? or new name

  3. Katie I'm in the Northern Wairarapa

    I will probably change the name but I'm grumbling about it