Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cashmore clinic- Connie- Day 1

I don't know why it has taken me so long to sit down and write this, but I have definitely been actively procrastinating it. Which is odd, because the weekend went really well. Connie came out first in the morning because I wanted to get my trusted one out of the way lol! Her flatwork has really come on, she just isn't the horse she used to be- she is better! I have worked so hard on her and it's nice that now I can just enjoy it a little.

We started with some trotting poles, and then trotting poles to a small fence then cantering down the line in 7 strides (it was a 6 stride line) to a small vertical. As always Connie was completely incapable of the trotting poles to jump exercise. Instead of getting both of her back legs between the fence and the trotting poles, she would touch down with one and through herself over the fence and land in an unbalanced heap. Grant had to move the poles to give her more room so she could do it like a normal horse.

The seven strides came up pretty easily though. He put in some angles rails to help keep her straight but she is pretty straight anyway. Good old Connie horse. Then the upright became a small oxer and then I think I did a little course over the other fences and it was really all very quiet and relaxed. It was interesting to note that the canter I have been jumping from is too fast and I need to slow down, collect up and get more organised.


  1. Glad it went so well - nice pictures!

  2. Lovely pictures. I'm glad you're having fun with her.