Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Comments on Comments and last season.

Val- A dogleg is a bending line from one fence to the next. Sorry it's my lingo.

kippen64 said...

Hi Beckz,

I admire your honesty. That problem must be driving you potty. Do you buy and sell horses? I don't know the horse market in NZ, but here in Australia, there seems to be a big market for reliable (though less talented) horses for inter-school competitions and Adult Riding Club. To get to the top, sadly a lot of horses must come and go in your life. Both in the quest to make a living and in the quest to find the horse that will take you to the top. When you do find the horse that takes you to the top, you will almost certainly have to take the good money that will be on offer for this horse. You can use that money to set yourself up. To further your experience and to have a chance to improve your riding, you may have to offer to work in exchange for lessons. It takes more than feel to ride a horse successfully in competition. It needs technical skill too. The reason that I am so aware of this is because that is my major flaw too. I hope that I don't sound harsh because I really do want you to succeed.

I thought this was a really good comment. There is a lot to think about here. I would love to one day have a job riding horses for other people, but those jobs are so limited in NZ. I would like to jump to Grand Prix in New Zealand and then look at riding options offshore. When I started on this whole dealio after finishing uni, I figured I could be a groom and have one horse and work really hard for someone else and probably miss a lot of hours of riding time, or I could work for my wonderful parents who offered to give me time during the day to ride, and then bank roll what I do with my wages. The second option seemed harder but to be honest more true to myself. I really like have my own team, that are mine, I love looking after all the details that come from looking after your own horses 24/7 even if sometimes it is a huge headache.

I like to the discussion on selling horses. All my horses are for sale. If someone comes up and offers me enough money to part with them (and not ridiculous amounts either) I would do that and then look at my options. I know probably none of the horses I own now are Grand Prix horses (maybe Bill in time??) But as they are all relatively young it's hard to say at this point. Kate might even do it with more schooling and relaxation.

Last season started well but was a bit of a blow out. The two major issues looking back? 1. Not enough lessons and 2. Getting depression and going crazy. Where did the depression come from?? I don't know really, but I'm fairly confident I have a handle on this now. I'm excited about the coming shows, more than I am terrified. Bonus! And I'm getting as many lessons as I can. Later in the year there MAY be a chance to have some lessons with Gerco Schroeder. Whoo!

It's really important that I accept that I wasn't well and move on from last season. While it started well with good placings in the 1.10m classes and was looking good for the future, by the end I was having panic attacks and not even making it to the ring. As my Mum says I may never have the temperament to be a top rider, but I have to try with all I have. Still I was sick, just in my head as opposed to a broken leg or something. I know rumours were going around that I was giving up riding (Damn small national circuit and I'm a nobody on it anyway, why are they even bothering with me??) but I'm here and I feel stronger than ever. Now I just have to get Rascal and Kate over their respective abscesses. At this stage it looks like they will miss the first couple of shows of the season. Boo!


  1. You do sound much more positive and focussed this season - hope it goes well for you!

  2. Thanks! Your lingo is fun.
    And best wishes for speedy recoveries and a great season.

  3. Don't let the gossip mongers get to you! Stay positive and true to yourself, I agree with Kate, you do sound much more positive and focused coming into this season.
    And sick is sick! I don't think it matters if it is physical or mental or a combo of both, the important hing is that you get yourself well.

  4. You must be bit of a someone or no one would talk about you. Perhaps other people have seen your potential? I suggest actively telling people that you would be open to offers for your horses. Do it by word of mouth rather than active advertising. Anxiety is normal and means that you care. I can heartily recommend a book titled 'Simple Steps to Riding Success' by Liz Morrison. It is a NLP approach to riding. If you cannot afford to buy one, I would be happy to send you my copy.

  5. They all look flippen awesome, very cute jumping for connie, liking the back and the front. Nice one bex