Friday, August 6, 2010

Cashmore clinic- Rascal- Day 1

Rascal was my next horse out. This is my first time jumping her for ages! I ride her in the Prestige now as well because I love it and she seems happy in it as well. Better than trying to cram my big butt in that little 17 inch Bates anyway. So I have been worried about Rascal because she has been improving not at all, and still feeling very weak and unable to carry herself well. However, there is some improvement so I just need to keep working.

So we started with the same exercise- trot poles to the fence and I was really happy when for the first time in ages, Rascal took me to the fence and I just had to sit and maintain. It was nice that she wasn't backing off like she was when I first started riding her. Again it was similar work and again I need to do more to keep her together and maintain the canter. I have gotten lazy without a trainer!

We did run into one issue. She had a stop at a fence and that was entirely my fault because I didn't keep her straight. She is a right hand drifter and I need to do more about getting my horses strong and straight. As soon as I kept her straight, I could see my spot and she jumped really confidently. Still I was rapt at just how she was taking me to the fences and jumping confidently and getting her forearm up and jumping really round. She is definitely feeling a lot better and stronger within herself.

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