Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cashmore Clinic- A big thank you

For the two weeks before the clinic I had a friend I had met through a horse forum staying with me while she was having her OE in NZ. She is from England and an eventer. Anyway, my partner recently left and my friend really filled the breach. She helped me with the horses and it's her you have to thank for all the awesome photos. It's going to be harder to get the photos in the future without Dan there, and it's weird to not have his support but at the same time it will be nice to really just focus on the horses.

Anyway, to thank my friend for helping me get the horses worked and for being a super groom for the two days (Really she was amazing- She would have the next horse saddled so I could have a break between lessons- I offered for us to have a Civil Union so she could stay and groom for me forever but it seems she wants to go home lol. The offer always stands though!)I let her have one of my lessons on Connie. thats her in the top picture. She said she got a lot out of it, but it stayed a flat lesson because she wasn't very riding fit after 8 months out of the saddle. Still she rode really well and had Connie going awesomely.


  1. I had a good read of your last few posts. Well done on a great effort at the Cashmore clinic. Your horses all sound like they went really well. And as for a good groom/ helping hand/ friend ....aren't they simply the best!!

  2. You wrote that it's hard to find the right amount of leg to use. Rather that trying to find what amount of leg to use in front of a job, how about getting her into as much as a rhythm as possible and doing any needed adjustment before you get right to the jump. Jump from the rhythm. Oh heck, I hope that makes sense. Less setting up, and more just letting the horse jump. If she needs help to find the right place, you could have a placement pole in front of the jump. Just a thought.